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 I am the proprietor of a large commercial orchid nursery growing plants for the wholesale and retail trade. I have traded commercially for the past 43 years and have been growing orchids for more than 50 years. During that time I have had difficulty in obtaining quality pots suitable for my requirements. Since using your pots my requirements have been adequately taken care of. Combine a superior product with the efficiency and friendly attitude of John

and his staff and the result is a company I find a pleasure to deal with and an asset to my business.


 Ray Clement

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We here at Fame Orchids Nursery have been growing Orchids now for over 40 years established in 1978 in Thornlands Queensland. When we first discovered The Orchid Pot Co Pots we were over the moon, finally we can now acquire true ‘Squat Pots’ and as specialist Orchid growers it is vital to use the correct pots.                          


Too many Orchids have been lost due to the wrong pots being used, some new growers fall into the trap of using taller ‘Standard’ pots which hold far too much moisture that will cause the roots to rot and ‘Standard’ pots do not have sufficient ‘Air Vents’ around the bottom to allow the Orchid to breathe, which it extremely important.


The quality of The Orchid Pot Co pots are second to none, you only need to do the ‘Squeeze’ test to see that the walls of these pots are must stronger than your average pot which also means long levity. I also ask our customers what value they put on their Orchids and how long do they plan on keeping their Orchids, so why use a cheap pot that is not going to last.


Happy Growing…. Todd Marshall   Fame Orchids Nursery  Thornlands Qld

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